Media and Technology Law

Tamkin & Hochberg’s Entertainment and Media Law practices encompass various aspects of the computer, software, Internet and entertainment industries. From motion picture and video production and distribution, to comedic and musician artist representation and acting as counsel for a wide variety of computer, Internet, software, entertainment and media industry companies, Tamkin & Hochberg provides the attention and expertise to guide its clients in their establishment, financing, operation and all manner of transactions including licensing, mergers and acquisitions.

Tamkin & Hochberg is well versed in the latest technologies and new media. Intellectual Property protection and trademark, service mark and copyright law acumen, in association with legal specialists whom the firm regularly associates, enables the firm to advise its clients fully and completely.

With over a decades worth of media and entertainment industry experience, Tamkin & Hochberg”s knowledge and experience in the media and entertainment industries and an attention to client relationships ensures that your needs are completely satisfied. Whether drafting contracts and licensing agreements, negotiating deals, transactions and rights transfers, non competition, non disclosure, work for hire and confidentiality agreements, disposition or acquisition of business assets, and in mergers and acquisitions, or devising strategy for a business involved with any media or entertainment related industry, Tamkin & Hochberg will ensure that your rights are protected in connection with your particular business model.