Corporate Law

Tamkin & Hochberg, LLP offers general business and corporate counsel to a variety of closely held and family owned businesses and serves as outside general counsel to many businesses who do not have in-house counsel.  Years of corporate experience in business and strategic planning as well as business litigation ensures that the lawyers at Tamkin & Hochberg are able to handle the vast majority of matters for which a business may require legal assistance.  By taking the time to have a strong personal relationship with clients, and develop a thorough understanding of the business of our clients, Tamkin & Hochberg is able to anticipate the difficulties a business may encounter and to provide the advice and counsel needed to steer clients around potential obstacles, allowing for complete focus on business operations.  Forward looking advice of this nature is often critical to a business’ success.

Tamkin & Hochberg’s services are invaluable to emerging businesses and start-ups and are designed to build a long standing business relationship and to permit the new or emerging business to grow properly. The firm’s attorneys bring a large body of skills and experience that can help any new business prosper. From advice on the creation of the business and the selection of an appropriate business entity to the negotiation and preparation of partnership, limited liability company or shareholder agreements, Tamkin & Hochberg is able to provide its high level legal services at affordable rates.

Tamkin & Hochberg’s practice also includes all types of business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, bank and venture financing.  The firm frequently provides counsel relating to the acquisition and/or disposition of business interests, preparation of shareholder, operating or partnership agreements, commercial real estate development, purchase and sale and the leasing of office, industrial and retail properties for both owners and tenants, and corporate tax.  Tamkin & Hochberg’s experienced estate planning department allows it to offer skilled and affordable counsel to family owned businesses, and the unique needs of family owned businesses regarding estate succession and exit planning matters.

Tamkin & Hochberg’s clients operate a wide range of businesses including:

  • recycling
  • real estate management and development
  • builders and contractors
  • interior designers
  • banking institutions
  • computer hardware and software design, manufacturing and distribution
  • Internet ventures
  • motion picture and video production and distribution
  • motion picture audio and video system design and installation
  • executive and personnel placement
  • TPA and pension professionals
  • financial planners and advisory firms
  • advertising, public relations, branding and marketing
  • music and comedy artist and management representation
  • restaurants, liquor stores and licensed establishments
  • food retailers and manufacturers
  • wholesalers and importers
  • manufacturers
  • retail industries
  • sports retailers, camps and organizations
  • recreational facilities, gyms and health clubs
  • professional athletes, coaches
  • medical, dental, chiropractic, physical and therapy practices
  • medical equipment manufacturers and distributors and hospitals
  • legal and accounting practices
  • consultants
  • automobile dealers
  • cable television and municipal licensing
  • not for profit organizations